Not A Pretty Picture

This Sunday, referred to as Palm Sunday among many churches across the world is the Sunday before Easter. It was on Sunday that all of Jerusalem turned out to welcome Jesus into the city for the celebration of Passover. They were ready to crown him King and follow Jesus in an insurrection against the powerful Romans. They were motivated, excited, and ready to go all in, feeling insurmountable.

Fast forward, a few days later and the scene is drastically and tragically different. No longer is Jesus the “darling” of the crowds. As Pilate presents Jesus torn and tattered before the crowd, they in unison call for his crucifixion.

What caused such a distinct change in attitude and actions?

Because we are a fallen people, may I say it, a sinful people, we cannot be trusted. When the going gets tough, when life becomes hard, when the journey appears to be overwhelming the enthusiasm, hope, and plans we once had disappear and we degenerate into a wild uncontrollable mob. It is certainly not a pretty picture. The picture is not pretty it is unappealing, ugly, and repellant. The cross is not either, but it was necessary for our salvation.

Join me this week as we focus on the events that led Jesus to die willingly a shameful death on a shameful cross so that our sins could be forgiven and we might have a personal relationship with him.

We Labor Together With God, Wes

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