Not Too Busy For Worship

We’ve had quite a busy Spring On The Ridge. Our ministry in Gorham resumed this past Tuesday with 9 children present. The Easter Egg Hunt planned for last Saturday was rescheduled to this Friday due to weather concerns. The Ridge Easter Egg hunt Sunday was a huge event with over 160 present and over 5,000 eggs hunted.

Last week several were able to do some Spring-cleaning and get the campus ready for Easter. We are still waiting for some landscaping items to arrive to finish the entrance area.

The purpose of the Maundy Thursday service is to provide an opportunity for us to prepare through reflection, meditation, and worship for a celebration of God’s great sacrifice on our behalf.

Bright and early Sunday morning (7 AM) we will gather at the pavilion to vocalize this celebration. Then we will enjoy a breakfast together, attend small groups, and then join with the Ridge Choir in worship as they present “Blessed Redeemer.”

After that, it is on to dinner and get-togethers and another precious time of family, food, and fun.

Yes, we have been busy and yes, this weekend will keep us very busy. Here’s the take homeBe careful not to get so caught up in the plans, activities, and family, that you miss worship and the resurrection celebration. You’ll feel it Monday!

We Labor Together With God, Wes

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