No Summer Hiatus

I was beginning to wonder, but I do believe that Summer is here. It would have been nice, however, to have had a little bit of Spring in the mix. Nevertheless, Game On!

As Summer approaches and family plans and getaways take shape I remind everyone that the ministries and financial needs of the Ridge Church do not go on hiatus. The financial responsibility of each member of The Ridge Church continues through each season of the year.

In the midst of our Summer re-creation, there is also a need for weekly worship together. Whether you are in town or out of town find a place of worship each Sunday. It will deepen the meaning and purpose of the rest of your activities.

While not always the case, I am sure that most family plans can be put on hold for an hour. In fact, one might consider worship part of the day’s plan for everyone.

Summer #OnTheRidge is actually a very busy time. With the arrival of Memorial Day we are off and running. We begin with Vacation Bible School in June (June 11- 15). Following that, our #SummerSundayNights #OnTheRidge schedule begins. The complete schedule is inside. These activities are intended to bring people together to connect, relax, and enjoy. It’s great family time.

Please remember to pray for Gorham. We are in need of volunteers to provide and serve a light dinner before each night of VBS. Day 1 has been assigned. Let me know how you can help.

We Labor Together With God, Wes

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