Is VBS Worth It?

When you plan for months and then pour your heart and soul into a week’s worth of VBS, you might sometimes ask yourself, “Is it worth the effort?

After all, VBS is not cheap. It requires a large investment of money. While The Ridge Church has budgeted, $2,000 for this year’s VBS, that just covers the basics. We are so fortunate that our VBS volunteers shoulder most of the cost of each year’s VBS.

VBS also requires a large investment of time. The time invested includes the 15 hours of actual VBS (9-noon,mon-fri). However, there are many hours of lesson preparation and room preparation. Oh yes, and the daily responsibilities at home pile up (literally). Then when all is completed its time to tear down and clean up.

VBS also requires a large investment of understanding. Children come from a variety of backgrounds and ways of learning. We are a rambunctious society and the days of sitting still for a lecture have long since passed. The challenge becomes finding ways to connect with each child so they can hear the gospel and feel God’s great love.

Is it worth it? Those of you, who have invested yourselves over the years in VBS, how do you answer that question? We would all love to hear from you. Will you take the time to write/email me a note?

We Labor Together With God, Wes

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