Have you been a guest at church lately?

Last week Debbie and I were on vacation. We made minimal plans and simply enjoyed the lack of structure for a few days. It all worked out well.

We headed to Nashville and then on to Mobile, AL. We stayed at a quaint little place in the old part of Mobile and had dinner with Charnel Et-tawill and Jacob. They were excellent hosts. We ate at The Original Oyster House overlooking Mobile Bay and watched the alligators head to their homes for the evening. What a marvelous sunset. I will post a picture on our Facebook page.

From there we motored on to Marietta, GA and visited with Debbie’s sister, Rhonda and her family. On Sunday, we attended church at FBC Mableton.

Since I am not accustomed to visiting churches for the first time, I relished the opportunity to take on the role of GUEST.

Entering the parking lot was quite intimidating since it was rather large and there were several points of entry. I was not sure where I was supposed to park until I spied the “guest parking” sign. Next, I was searching for the entrance. Not just
any entrance but the correct entrance. I remembered a sign as I was parking pointing to the worship area. As we entered the building my nephew, Andrew, escorted us. Otherwise, we would have had to make the very long trek to the
sanctuary on our own.

Finally, we were where we were supposed to be and were greeted by several members and a few of the staff. Overall, finding our way was a good experience.

I must say though, if there were greeters, in the parking lot it would have alleviated a lot of stress and given us more confidence in where we were going and what we were supposed to do.

Thank you parking lot greeters of The Ridge Church for your dedicated ministry!

We Labor Together with God, Wes

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