I Just Don’t Know What to Expect

It’s very difficult for me to make that confession but it is true. Monday evening we begin Mission VBS in Gorham and I have no idea what to expect.

These are a few of the many questions running through my mind right now.

  • Who will show up? How many will show up? Will anyone show up?
  • Will it be too hot?
  • Will we have enough food?
  • Will anyone participate in the Parenting Workshop?
  • Will the folks from The Ridge Church be disappointed?
  • Will they complain?
  • Will I be disappointed? Will I complain?
  • What have I forgotten?

Actually, I do know what to expect!

I expect that however many or few we have in attendance that each one who attends will know that Jesus loves them and we love them as well.

I expect that the gospel will be the central focus of the week. No doubt, the games, crafts, and recreation are a lot of fun and they will reinforce the daily Bible study. However, the main emphasis will be telling the children and their parents about Jesus.

Everything else is secondary to the great purpose of sharing with each child, Jesus loves you and he came to save you.

I expect that those who are unable to participate in person will be praying each night for the children, parents, and volunteers.

Further, I expect God to do a mighty work in the midst of us all for his glory!

What a great week we have ahead of us. I wouldn’t miss being a part of it.

We Labor Together With God, Wes

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