Under Construction

It always seems to happen this way. As soon as the students begin to arrive at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and the kiddies get ready to begin the new school year, road construction ratchets up a notch.

This year is no different. All along the Carbondale strip, a major north/south route, construction has gone on all summer. It has now encroached on the other major artery through the city. Heading east on route 13 the barriers are up, the equipment has moved in, and lane closures lead out of Carbondale.

This is the Carbondale way.

If you happen to pass by the Trico School in Campbell Hill, you will notice big earth moving equipment, construction signs and barricades. One would think that any major building project would be complete before students return to the classroom. You would be right. The school is ready for the new school year. The construction equipment that litters the entrance serves as a reminder of a crucial life message.

According to Trico Community Unit School District #176 Superintendent Larry Lovell, “Don’t worry, the buildings are ready for school. We are just preparing for our awesome kids to return for their first day of “work.” Our Instructional Theme this year is “The Road to Success is Always Under Construction.”

What is true in educational life is truer in spiritual life. The road to a successful spiritual life is always under construction.

That is why belonging to a small group (Sunday School), worshiping together, daily Bible study, and consistent praying are so important if we are to grow spiritually.

As we begin this new season of the year, please take the time to evaluate your spiritual growth and make the necessary adjustments to maneuver your way through the detours, lane closures, and construction zones we call life!

We Labor Together with God, Wes

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