Use your gifts to engage God’s plan for your life

It seems like it was only yesterday when you could hear the last school bell ring letting you know that summer had officially begun. You trade in your backpacks full of books for suitcases full of swimsuits and sunglasses. The sun’s been out and the weather has been hot.

Vacation Bible School and summer vacations have come and gone. We have reached the time of year where it starts getting darker earlier, soon the leaves will start changing colors and the heat will turn into cool, crisp air. And all this can only mean one thing: school is back in session.

Most everyone is already back in classes; the routine of fall is already feeling somewhat familiar.

September 1st begins the new Church year. Some folks will be taking on new responsibilities this year. Others will continue serving in their current capacities.

We are all remarkably and wonderfully made, unique, and here for a purpose, for such a time as this! As I shared Sunday morning, God has gifted each of us with talents, abilities, and passions to utilize in God’s service through The Ridge Church.

What is the thing that God has asked you to do, the ministry that God is asking you to engage in, what is it that pumps your blood?

In what area of service has God gifted you? Maybe you don’t have the gift but God has given you a passion and you are willing to learn how to do it, or give financially so that the goal can be achieved.

I confidently believe that God has gifted The Ridge Church with what is needed to fulfill God’s mission and yet we have very present needs in Preschool 1 & 2.

How are you using your gifts to engage God’s plan in service through The Ridge Church? Is there a place God is leading you to serve?

We Labor Together with God, Wes

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