Opportunities to Give: Mission Illinois Offering and 5th Sunday Debt retirement

As a follower of Jesus, blessed beyond measure, it is a joyful privilege to give for the cause of the gospel! This month we have two extra opportunities to give financially above and beyond our regular giving.

The 5th Sunday Offering for Debt Retirement is September 29 and September is the month we support Missions in Illinois through the Mission Illinois offering.

The Mission Illinois Offering is an opportunity for us to focus on state missions. I truly believe that the focused mission field for The Ridge Church lies outside the four walls of our building and in our local communities.

While the command Jesus gave to “Tell as you go” (Matthew 28:19-20) begins locally, it does not end at the borders of our communities. There is an overwhelming need for the heralding of the gospel message throughout our state as well.

The need is great all across Illinois, but especially in the cities and Northwest Illinois. Nate Adams, executive director of the Illinois Baptist State Association reports, “In many parts of Illinois, Baptists offer by Muslims, Mormons, eastern religions, and people with no faith at all, In fact, at least 8-million of our 13- million neighbors in Illinois do not know Jesus Christ.”

Our giving through the Mission Illinois Offering, provides supplies for VBS training and children’s camps, sends expertise to churches in need of stronger leadership, recruits and equips church planters to start congregations where they are desperately needed. And the list goes on and on.

All gifts given through the Mission Illinois Offering stay here in Illinois: teaching students, equipping leaders, planting churches, and always, advancing the gospel.

Won’t you give through the Mission Illinois Offering? Your partnership in advancing the gospel in Illinois is needed now, more than ever.

We Labor Together with God, Wes

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