Where is your place in ministry?

One of the basic understandings of the word church is that the church is not the buildings and the grounds. It is not an object. The church is the people! We, the redeemed, are the church. Another basic understanding of the church is that the church does not exist for us to be served. The church exists for us to serve others.

At times folks wonder whether they fit in when it comes to the church. Some feel left out. Others wonder how they can serve through the church. And, still, others feel that the church exists for their benefit. These are all legitimate questions and issues. Perhaps all of us have pondered them at some point in our life.

This topic got me to thinking, which can be dangerous for all of us at times. However, I pray that this time it will be beneficial and edifying for all of us. For those who feel disconnected, wondering where they fit in, what could they do, and whether there is a place for them at The Ridge Church, let me suggest a few areas of on-going ministry where you can easily find a connection.

  • Sunday School/Small groups ministry
  • Vacation Bible School ministry
  • Children’s ministry Music ministry
  • Parking lot ministry
  • Audio/Visual ministry
  • Welcome ministry
  • Security ministry
  • Bus/Van ministry
  • Youth ministry
  • Missions ministry
  • Gorham ministry
  • Social Media ministry
  • Outreach ministry

You can be a part of these ministries. Call the church office and get connected. There is a place for everyone at The Ridge Church. Step up and get involved!

We Labor Together with God, Wes

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