Update on Illinois Disaster Relief Efforts

Karissa Howell

Since September 16th, Illinois Baptist Disaster Relief has sent over 90 volunteers to help people in North Carolina. Sent out were eight Chainsaw/Mudout teams, four Shower/Laundry teams, two Feeding teams, one Assessor/Chaplain team, and one Incident Command team to Wallace, Lumberton, and Franklin, North Carolina.

These teams prepare meals for Red Cross workers to pass out to flood victims and maintain shower units so volunteers can have warm showers and clean laundry after long days in the field. In addition, the assessors and chaplains check the houses to make sure the volunteers are able to complete the requests. They also talk with the homeowners to assess any spiritual needs.

The National Disaster Relief director reported 3,000 work orders, with about 2,000 left to complete. They anticipate the work in NC continuing into December.

One of the biggest tasks undertaken is “Recovery” or Chainsaw/Mudout. These workers spend a day or more with the homeowners cutting down and removing trees or clearing out the flooded homes. They often have the most time to make ministry contacts and hand out tracts. At the end of the assignment, each homeowner is presented with a new Bible signed by all the workers.

With Hurricane Michael making landfall in the Florida panhandle, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief workers are on stand-by and ready to respond to the states affected. This is in addition to already being on call for Hurricane Florence. Please pray for the people affected by these storms.

If you are interested in being a part of Illinois Disaster Relief, there is a training on October 19-20 at Lake Sallateeska. Volunteers are needed to respond to local as well as national disasters. See Dennis or Karissa Howell for more information. To donate visit www.OnTheRidge.org/Give; “Give to:” Illinois Baptist Disaster Relief.

We Labor Together with God, Wes

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