Never too early for VBS

Saturday Debbie and I, along with Lisa and Allie Hottensen attended the VBS Preview and Children’s Ministry Conference in Springfield.

First, I once again commend all of our Sunday School and Small Group leaders who attended training in Marion or Springfield. Thank you for your commitment and passion for learning and discovering new ways to reach and teach, as we journey together in our spiritual walk.

I certainly realize the challenge of committing time to training with so many other good activities competing for attention and priority. Therefore, we strive to offer only “top of the line” training opportunities that are worth your time.

Second, the VBS preview was a great introduction to this year’s VBS theme, “In The Wild.” The focus this year is on real-life encounters with Jesus. As we engage exotic animals, we will also find snapshots of Jesus in Scripture. Each snapshot will offer an opportunity to respond to the gospel. The adventure of a lifetime awaits!

It is not too early to make a commitment and volunteer in VBS. We need more volunteers this year. “Top of the line” VBS training will be at First Baptist Church, Carterville February 22, so save the date.

Third, LifeWay Research discovered in a recent study that 69% of American parents (churched AND unchurched) would encourage their children to attend VBS if they were invited by a friend. Let that sink in a minute—IF they were INVITED.

All it takes is an invitation. Wow, that’s easy! What are we waiting for? Let’s get started! Here are some quick tips to harness the power of a simple invitation.

  • Start with Relationship – Begin with your friends.
  • Extend a personal invitation –A personal invitation is a beautiful simple thing.
  • Get parents involved – Plugging parents into VBS gets them involved.
  • Know the goal – The reason we want kids (and parents) in VBS is that the message of the gospel is too important to miss.

We Labor Together with God, Wes

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