Thanksgiving, Christmas, Shoe boxes, and Grateful Hearts

I am looking forward to our annual Thanksgiving Dinner, Sunday at 6 p.m. I hope that you will be there and bring your whole family and all your friends. What a great opportunity to see everyone together. There is always so much great tasting food. It
is at meals like this that I wish I could eat more! Nevertheless, I will be content with a second helping of everything.

Contentment: Thanksgiving is a time to pause and contemplate on all that we have and joyfully give God thanks. Oh, life does not have to be perfect; it never is, for us to be content and thankful. In fact, contentment, thanksgiving, and joy are not found in a perfect life, or in wealth, or in our many accumulations. Rather contentment is the overflow of a grateful heart.

Grateful: Even in the midst of many of life’s challenges and struggles, we can live grateful and gracious lives. I am grateful for the people of The Ridge who so often rise to the occasion to provide for others.

For example, the postage money for sending 67 shoe-boxes at $9/each has been raised ($588). The funds for filling 20 Thanksgiving Food baskets has been received ($745). These baskets will be distributed in Gorham and to clients of Centerstone.

We were set to receive an offering for food baskets Sunday night. However, with our goal met, we will instead receive food items for the Murphysboro Food pantry. (The list of items needed is located in the newsletter).

There are still 18 Spirit of Christmas names to be claimed and the Week of Prayer for International missions and the Lottie Moon Christmas offering is just a few weeks away. I am confident that contented and grateful hearts will once again rise to the occasion to meet these Kingdom needs.

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