Merry Christmas

This is the last edition of the Newsletter emailed or delivered by the USPS for theyear, 2018. We will publish again on January 3, 2019.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Debbie and myself to wish youall a very Merry Christmas as you remember and celebrate the birth of our Lordand Savior, Jesus.

Again, I say thank you to everyone who contributed to the many giving opportunities this time of year: The Thanksgiving baskets, The Spirit you all, Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions, the Debt Retirement 5th Sunday Offering, and to Pregnancy Matters.

In addition, I thank you for your financial support which keeps the building open, salaries, paid, provides ministries, materials, and opportunities to do missions. None of these items or activities would be possible without the Lord and the generous giving of the people of The Ridge Church.

Being a member of The Ridge Church includes the responsibility of the year support. Recognizing that responsibility is a sign of spiritual maturity. Fulfilling that responsibility is a sign of spiritual growth.

When John announced the advent of Jesus the people asked, “What should we do?” John told them to, share with those in need, keep no more than you must, and be satisfied with what you have (Luke 3:7—18).

This is the season of the year to renew our commitments to the Lord and to The Ridge Church. The financial cost of ministry never remains the same, it never costs less, and the increase is always beyond our ability. This is why, “We labor together with God” when we do our best, the Lord is able to do the Lord’s best!

Will you commit to the Lord to give your best financially through The RidgeChurch this year?

Again, enjoy a great Christmas with family and friends, and safe travels.

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