Crisis #1 and #2

Crisis #1
According to the latest statistics compiled by Lifeway Research, 80% of regular church attenders believe they have a personal responsibility to share their faith. However, the reality is shockingly different. 61% state they have not shared how to become a Christian with anyone in the last six months. In addition, 48% (almost half) have not even invited an unchurched person to attend a church service or program in the last six months. The church is suffering from an Evangelism Crisis.

Crisis #2
Increasingly we are living in a digitally connected world. Generation Z (B.1995-2014) have not known the world without internet and smart phones. Presently 46% of adults report “sometimes” or “always” feeling lonely and 47% of us feel “left out” at times. We are moving toward a culture where loneliness is reaching epidemic proportions. We are connected digitally but not personally and we are lonelier than ever.

How can we fulfill our personal responsibility to share our faith and connect with a culture that is increasingly isolated and lonely?

God has given us the time-tested tool of Vacation Bible School. VBS has a brand awareness that Fortune 500 companies covet. 60% of Americans have attended VBS. 90% report VBS as a positive experience and 81% consider it a highlight of their childhood. WOW!! In addition, 69% of parents say they would encourage their child to attend a VBS at a church they don’t attend IF their child was personally invited by a friend. Take away: Children will attend our VBS if we personally invite them.

Here’s the challenge:
If we believe that, we are all sinners and sin separates us eternally from God, if we believe that Jesus life, death, and resurrection is the only solution to our sin problem, If we believe that we have a personal responsibility to share our faith, then, let us commit ourselves to making this year’s VBS our best one ever!

Will you join me and accept the challenge?

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