The best time to begin attending Small Group/Sunday School is Sunday, March 3

I am serious about that! This Sunday, February 24, we conclude our series on “Engaging Culture In An Ever-Changing World” with the topic of how false religions corrupt the gospel of Jesus Christ. I look forward to Sunday’s study.

However, if you are considering attending a small group Bible Study at the beginning of a series I invite you to wait until March 3, and join me as we begin a very relevant series on finding meaning in life. Our focus will be on the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes written by the son of David.

Finding Meaning:
Wisdom from Ecclesiastes
March 3- April 7

  • When Life feels Empty
  • The Problem with Pleasure
  • The Problem with Wisdom
  • The Problem with Work
  • The Problem with Wealth
  • Full Contentment

The Ridge Church offers nine adult classes on campus plus two off campus. I am sure that you will find just the right small group for you. I encourage you to try out a few. We have the best facilitators anywhere. You won’t be disappointed.

Join us Sundays at 9 a.m.. Arrive a little early for breakfast. There is a small group Bible study class for everyone.

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