Daylight Savings Time

This: It was sure great to be in worship with everyone on Sunday, even if we all appeared a little sleep deprived (some appeared more deprived than others). Perhaps you have heard there is a movement underway to make Daylight Saving Time a year round event. This idea is rather alarming to me for several reasons.

One reason is that I enjoy the daylight of the morning with the cooler temperatures to complete my outside chores. That is reason enough to abolish D.S.T. all together. How pleasant it would be to get those obligations complete by 9 a.m. each day.

Another reason why year round D.S.T is not a good idea is that the extra hour of sunlight in the afternoon increases the risk of skin cancer. Even if the extra sunlight doesn’t turn into skin cancer, it still ages the skin with increased wrinkles and lines. I already look old; I don’t need any help.

However, for me the most persuasive reason not to observe D.S.T. year round is that I will never get that hour of sleep back. Be warned, studies have shown that the single hour of sleep lost during D.S.T. can actually prompt a pattern of total sleep deprivation, which can make one crankier and reduce mental sharpness. Believe me I don’t need “crankier” and my current mental sharpness is challenging enough.

I hope my reasons for abolishing Daylight Saving Time are persuasive and will lead you to action.

That: On a much more pleasant note: Sunday is the Fundraiser for FUGE camp. The spaghetti will be amazing and the talent of The Ridge people is unparalleled. In addition, our generosity toward our youth is legendary.

The Other: Please join me Sunday morning in worship and then later as together we achieve our goal of $3,795.28 to complete the tuition for this year’s camp.

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