What is Lent

For some, it is a time to draw closer to God through fasting, moderation, repentance, and the practice of certain spiritual disciplines in preparation for Easter. For others, it is a painful religious memory of forced rituals.

Should you and your family observe Lent?

Some fail to observe lent from a lack of understanding of what it encompasses. Many evangelicals are not familiar with any of the tenets of Lent. Others, view Lent almost as a heresy because it is viewed as a rejection of the Cross. In the cross, our sins are covered, and grace is bestowed on us because of God’s benevolence alone, not due to any activity on our part.

Can we celebrate Lent in a good way?

Celebrating Lent is an opportunity to highlight and encourage elements of the Christian faith that are often undervalued and forgotten.

Fasting, moderation, repentance and the practice of the spiritual disciplines are things we need more of, not less. For the average Christian, these things rarely, if ever, seem to happen. Observing Lent by practicing these things, in an effort to remind us of the cross and push us toward it, can be a great thing.

Can we celebrate Lent in a wrong way?

If the purpose of observing Lent is to garner special favor with God then it is of no value. God does not impart grace based on actions or rituals. Nothing we do could cause God to love us any more than God already does!

Also, the observance of Lent is meaningless if it is done for the sake of heritage, habit, or public/divine acceptance.

Should I observe Lent?

That’s your decision. The value in observing Lent is to motivate us on to spiritual growth. Lent is a tool – an observance – to point us to Jesus.

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