Personal Reflections on Mother’s Day 2019

As I reflect on Mother’s Day 2019 several random thoughts come to mind.

I think of how much I miss my mom. The older I get the more I miss her. In addition to being a full time mom at home, she also had a full time job outside the home. That she was able to balance and excel at the two is something that would have been beyond my ability.

I connect with my mom most when I am cooking. She was a great cook. Her dishes were never fancy but always tasty and comforting. As I cook, I find myself channeling her thoughts, questions, and comments through the preparation process. Believe me, her comments were one of a kind. For Easter, I attempted to recreate her potato salad. According to my brother Dave, it was close but not quite. The debate was whether mustard was included. He said, yes. My other brother Tim, said, no. There was also a discussion about the proper amount of celery seed. So, I started to call her to find out …

Debbie and I are so blessed with five grandchildren. Two of them born within the
last two months. Brittany with four children is a wizard at managing chaos. She is able to focus on each child individually while simultaneously directing the whole household (including Brad) in their duties and responsibilities. How does she do that?
(Moms are like that, yes they are!)

Courtney is a brand new mom. She and Bradley have had some experience at parenthood with the raising of Luna. However, the arrival of Landry Gray presents a new set of challenges. Courtney methodically and tenderly assesses Landry’s moment-by-moment needs. Her quiet patience is quite calming.

My daughters are great moms! I whole-heartedly confess that their gifts and abilities of momhood did not genetically transfer from my DNA. I am confident they are mirroring the examples their mom has lived out. As I observe the gestures, actions, and reactions of both Brittany and Courtney, I realize they have Debbie’s mothering DNA. Debbie continues to provide a Godly example of mothering skills and abilities
to her children and grandchildren. What a great legacy she is developing for generations to come.

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