The Privilege of Vacation Bible School

In just a few short weeks, Vacation Bible School begins on The Ridge. (June 10-14, 9-noon). Are you excited about it? Is VBS a passion for you? How do you plan to be involved?
Do you view VBS as a privilege?

What a privilege to be a part of God’s plan to reach our communities with the gospel through VBS. Whether or not we have VBS aged children, it is God’s purpose and our privilege to labor together with God in this annual event.

There are many ways everyone can enjoy the privilege of involvement in this year’s VBS.

  • Volunteer to be a VBS worker during VBS
  • Begin right now to invite VBS aged children to VBS.
  • Volunteer to provide transportation for those needing a ride to VBS.
  • Join us Sunday, June 9, at 6 p.m. as the deacons lead us on a prayer walk through the rooms and areas where VBS will take place.
  • Attend the VBS Celebration night on Thursday, June 13, at 6 p.m.
  • Pray before, during and after VBS for the children, their parents, and VBS workers.
  • Provide financial resources to purchase snacks and refreshments for the week
  • Volunteer to follow up after VBS with families that are reached through VBS. Contact Lisa Hottensen for more information.
  • Be an encourager! Be available!

VBS is the largest outreach event of The Ridge Church. It is the greatest single tool God has given The Ridge Church to reach out and share God’s love and the gospel with others.

Everybody loves VBS. 60% of American adults have attended VBS and 90% of them had a positive experience. In addition, 80% of them claim that it was a highlight of their childhood.

There’s more! 95% of parents whose children have attended VBS agree that VBS was one of their child’s most meaningful church experiences. However, like any other tool, it is only effective when used.

Will you join me as an active participant in this year’s VBS? Will you pray with me this Sunday morning at 10:15 a.m. for our VBS and all the others that will happen all over the country?

Stats provided by “It’s Worth It” Landry Holmes, Lifeway Christian Resources, 2018

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