With the Arrival of Summer

Summer has quickly arrived. Graduations celebrated, school days completed, and vacations begun. This summer has the potential to be the best summer season ever!

One of the great benefits of living in such a prosperous day and time is that there are so many choices and opportunities before us. However, if we are not intentional with our priorities and planning the moments of summer will quickly pass, leaving us frustrated, asking, “Where did the summer go?”

A solution to that dilemma is placing those important events on your summer calendar. For your convenience the list of summer events on The Ridge are detailed in this newsletter. They are also available online at www.OnTheRIdge.org/Calendar. I encourage you to mark these events on your calendar as soon as possible to keep conflicting events to a minimum.

While you may not be able to attend all the planned events of The Ridge Church this summer, know that each of these events have been carefully planned with a purpose. No doubt, vacations, reunions, and getaways will keep you away from The Ridge at times this summer. Nevertheless, the ministries and financial needs of The Ridge Church do not go on hiatus. The financial responsibility of every member continues through each season of the year.

In addition, as we celebrate summer there is also a need for weekly worship together. Whether you are in town or out of town find a place of public worship each Sunday. I am confident you will find that those moments in worship will enhance the enjoyment of your activities. While not always the case, most family plans can be put on hold for an hour as you worship. In fact, one might consider worship part of the day’s priority.

My prayer for everyone is that this summer will prove to be the best summer ever as you renew and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

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