Why We Aren’t On Hiatus This Summer

Sunday at 9 a.m. we begin a brand-new topic of study in our adult small groups: “Living by Faith: Women Who Trusted God.” As I have been known to say, and I say it again, “This Sunday is the best time to attend a small group.” The reason for saying this, is that we will all be at the same starting point.

Sunday School is designed as an entry point into group Bible study. There are no prerequisites, no expectations of biblical knowledge, and no one is turned away.

When I was growing up the arrival of summer meant everything and everyone went on hiatus. That included most activities of the church including Sunday School. Since summer was brief, summer fun appeared to have priority over every other activity.

At The Ridge while we expect people to be involved in summer activities, which may keep them from attending, we do not put Sunday School/small groups on hiatus. We do not plan for the “summer slump.” Instead, we plan for those who are here.

Let me explain why we do Sunday School and why I am excited about our weekly Sunday morning Bible studies.

• We do Sunday School because of the reality of Jesus’ imminent return. No one knows when Jesus will return and when time on earth will end. All I am confident of, is that we are closer to Jesus’ return today than yesterday.

• We do Sunday School because we want to be diligent in presenting the gospel creatively and often. Through Sunday school small groups, we share the message of salvation.

• We do Sunday School because God loves people. God desires that none should perish in their sin, and God has given us the message of redemption.

Therefore, we organize, teach, and share the gospel through Sunday School as a sign of our obedience to God’s command to make disciples and teach them to follow Jesus. (Matthew 28:19-20)

I will look for you 9 a.m. Sunday in Sunday School. Arrive a little early for breakfast.

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