“Mission Possible”

I shared with the children Sunday my imperfect recollection of the TV show, “Mission Impossible”. Each week the show started in the same way: Secret agent Jim Phelps received a tape with a recorded message saying, “Jim, your mission, if you decide to accept it is …”, and then gave him an assignment which seemed impossible to achieve. Of course, he always accepted the assignment. And, by the end of the episode, he had accomplished the mission. 

Key to Phelps success was the group of agents he chose, each with a special talent and passion, who would help complete his mission. 

You and I through The Ridge Church are called by God to fulfill together a mission. We have articulated the mission as, “To lead nonbelievers into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”  We intend to accomplish this mission through the worship of God, reaching people, teaching people, fellowship, and serving others. Further, we believe that God has gifted each of us with unique gifts to assist in accomplishing our God-called mission. In other words, no one has been placed in this congregation to sit out. 

As attention turns to the new church year beginning September 1, the nominating committee usually meets and attempts to “enlist” volunteers to fill positions. Sometimes enlisting takes on a new definition in order to get the job done. This year I propose a new approach beginning with a different understanding of how we implement the mission God has for us.  

First, God has not called us to volunteer. We are called to be obedient disciples of Jesus.  Second, the current enlistment process focuses on filling positions rather than beginning with the people and the gifts God has provided, often resulting in “warm bodies” in the wrong positions. 

This year I encourage each of you to consider prayerfully where and how you will utilize your unique God-given gifts in ministry through The Ridge Church. As a result, several “positions” may go unfilled. However new ministries may find their way forward. I believe it’s worth the effort.  

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