Prioritizing Physical Needs of The Ridge Church

I am sure everyone noticed how magnificent the parking lot looks now that it has been oiled and striped. I thank our trustees for their attentiveness and commitment in caring for the physical needs of our campus. 

You may have also noticed some footings near the building entrance. They are part of the installation process for a canopy. This will make drop offs/pickups in the rain a little less challenging. 

There are several other physical needs of The Ridge campus. Personally, in addition to a prominently displayed cross inside the building, I would like to see an illuminated cross attached to the outside of the building. It is because of the empty cross that we who believe have confidence of our salvation and assurance of life that lasts forever. 

A finished floor in the Multi-Purpose area also needs to be addressed at some point. It is necessary not only to deal with the spreading crack in the concrete but also for appeal. Our worship area is indicative to guests (and to the Lord) of the quality and priority of our worship. What would you do if this were in your home? Exactly, me too!

Many of our guests comment that they learn about us as they drive by and observe the information on the sign.  A digital sign that can be easily updated and viewable as vehicles drive by is an essential part of our outreach.  While the financial cost is great, the ability to connect with over 5,300 daily drivers is greater.  

I have asked the Trustees to make a list of the physical needs of the property, prioritize them, and present them to the Congregation. Then, as you give your tithes and offerings, when money becomes available, these projects can begin. 

I want to thank you in advance for sharing the resources God has provided you to meet the ongoing physical needs of The Ridge Church.    

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