Do you remember the old Sunday School Song, “I’m in the Lords Army?

I may never march in the infantry, 

Ride in the cavalry, 

Shoot the artillery,

I may never zoom o’er the enemy,

 But I’m in the Lord’s army!

2020 provides a great opportunity for ministry through The Ridge Church. The sky is the limit. Since there are so many needs around us, I am confident there is one or two needs somewhere that we can meet whether we are 8 or 108.

When Jesus redeemed our life, he provided us with at least one and probably more gifts that we are to use for God’s glory. Our talents, abilities, availability, and attitude are all gifts that God has given every one of us. And, we are to use them in service for God’s Kingdom. They do not belong to us. They are not to be put on the shelf to gather dust like a souvenir from the baseball game. In fact, we will never be content or joyful until we are exercising those gifts. 

However, don’t be surprised, for where there are many opportunities there are always many adversaries to keep us from putting God’s gifts to work in our life.

Our own flesh provides great excuses in keeping us from the success God has in store. Our friends and family will even advise us not to “go off the deep end,” or “don’t get fanatical about it.” They may even try to “reason” that Jesus doesn’t want us to be radical about our faith. Unbelievers will mock us. Nevertheless, grab the vision! Embrace the opportunity! 

Whatever God has called us to do; we can do it through the power of God that resides within us. It might be tough. Nothing worth anything comes easy.

This is a battlefield and we are in the Lord’s Army. Endure the difficulty and the overcome the obstacles as a good soldier and fight on!

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