No New Year Resolutions Required

Traditionally the new year is a time for resolutions. These resolutions are promises we make to do things differently in the year to come. I heard that the top three resolutions for 2020 are 1) exercise more, 2) eat healthier, and 3) save more money. Noble resolutions indeed. I also heard some sage advice from Papa John’s pizza, “When it comes to resolutions there’s always next year.”  Included with the quote was a very delicious looking and tempting picture of a large pepperoni pizza! Who could resist? 

On a Facebook page, someone posted a devotion titled, “Resolutions” from, Experiencing God Day by Day” by Henry and Richard Blackaby. 

Let me share a few of their thoughts.

When we fail the Lord and fail to keep our promises (resolutions) to the Lord, the Lord does not berate or humiliate us. Instead, the Lord will ask us to examine our love for him. 

Do you remember when Jesus encountered Peter at the seashore after he had denied him three times? Jesus asked Peter if he loved him and Peter responded three times that, he truly indeed loved Jesus. 

Jesus does not need our resolutions, recommitments, or promises to try harder this year. If we failed last year in our resolutions and promises, we will no doubt fail again this year. Instead, Jesus simply asks for our love. 

If we truly indeed love the Lord, our service for the Lord in the new year will be of the quality that the Lord desires. 

Rather than grand resolutions and our annual promise to “try harder” may we instead examine our love for the Lord, obey his command to follow him, and grow in Kingdom service through the Ridge Church this year.   

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