TeamKIDS is a weekly after school ministry supported by The Ridge Church in the community of Gorham. Our focus is on children in Kindergarten through 6th grade, living in the Gorham area. We meet on Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30. 

The weekly ministry team leaders are Avis Barrett, Allie and Lisa Hottensen, Dennis Howell, Angie James, Pam White, and myself. Each get-together includes an opening activity, Bible skills activity, mission focus, snack, Bible lesson, Bible verse memorization, and a craft or recreational activity.  The hour passes quickly. This unit will last five weeks through the end of February.

At the conclusion of this five-week unit, we will take a break and resume on Tuesday March 17, with a new afterschool model that will focus on outdoor and indoor physical activities. Implementing this new model will require a few more volunteers who will be available to engage the students in physical activities. 

Our goal is to engage students one on one and share Jesus’ love with them. Each session will still have refreshments and a Bible study/devotion. 

This Is How You Can Help


Pray for the Gorham community and the afterschool program 
that we may reach them and share Jesus love for them. 

Volunteers to participate and engage with the students during the activities 

Donate/loan lawn games 

Volunteers to construct games 

Ideas for group activities and activity schedule 

Contact Lisa Hottensen to volunteer or for information (text/call 618.967.1858).

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