9 Good Reasons to Attend Church – Part 1

I’m sure you are not surprised by this week’s topic. I’ve written and talked about the importance of regular worship attendance many times. Please indulge me one more opportunity. Recently Thom Rainer shared nine good reasons to attend church regularly.  I am happy to share this article and his insights with you.

I think I’ve heard most of the excuses.“You don’t need to attend church to be a good Christian.”We give our family priority when we miss church to do sports on Sunday.”  “My church really doesn’t meet my needs.” “I’m not getting fed at my church.” “Sunday is really the only day we have off.” “My church has a bunch of hypocrites.”

I will deal with these and other lame excuses later. For now, I want to focus on the positive. Why is it important for us to attend church services regularly, usually weekly? Allow me to share nine reasons.

1. The local church was God’s plan in the New Testament. The New Testament is clear. God wanted His people gathering regularly and faithfully. All of these churches had problem people but it was not a valid excuse to give up the local church.

2. The Bible speaks clearly about the priority of local congregations. A gathered church was not just one important factor for the Christian; it was one of the highest priorities. After the ascension of Jesus, the local church was truly “the body of Christ.” 

3. We are commanded and designed to enjoy worshipping the one true God as a gathered community. What if church members really did just one thing in worship? What if they asked God to let them see God and know God fully as the gathered church?

4. A unified church can stand strong in a culture turning away from God. We can’t be a unified church with sporadic attendance. We can’t stand together if we aren’t persistently gathered together. We experience incredible joy as we serve other church members and those who reside in our community, rather than focusing on our own preferences and desires.

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