9 Good Reasons to Attend Church – Part 2

Regular church attendance is important. Thom Rainer shares nine good reasons to attend church regularly, usually weekly. Last week I shared the first four. This week I share the concluding five reasons.

  1.  The world looks at our priorities and evaluates what we deem as important. We can’t expect the community to get excited about our church if they see it to be a low priority among the members.
  2. Accountability takes place in the local church. When we gather, we hold each other up and accountable. When we belong to a small group in the church, our absence is conspicuous.
  3. Families that attend church faithfully and regularly are happier and healthier families. The research from the secular world is overwhelming. Studies show that families who are in church almost every week are among those with the best-adjusted children. Marriages are healthier. Children grow to become mature and joyous adults.
  4. Discipleship takes place in the local church. There seems to be this big mystery about discipleship. Discipleship is simply becoming more like Jesus. We become more like Jesus as we gather and worship together, belong to a small group, do ministry & evangelism in community, and listen to the Word preached. The New Testament clearly demonstrates the local congregation is God’s “Plan A” for growing as a disciple.
  5. God gives us great joy when we serve others through the local church. We can experience incredible joy as we serve others, as we put others before ourselves, as we don’t focus on our own preferences and desires. We experience incredible joy as we serve other church members and those who reside in our community.

Faithful weekly church attendance is important. It brings us joy. It helps us to grow spiritually. It is one of the primary characteristics of a healthy family. Above all, it is an act of obedience to God. And that’s what really matters.

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