“A Love Story Lesson”

This past weekend the social media world was all “A-Twitter” as a photo of President George W. Bush sitting beside Ellen DeGeneres at a Dallas Cowboys Football game went viral. How could these two political opposites occupy the same space?

Their appearance together was a great application of Sunday’s worship take home: “The goal of a Jesus follower is to love one another.” 

In light of Sunday’s message, Don Bishop shared with me a few thoughts and observations he had extracted from re-watching the movie classic, “Love Story.”

Let me share a few lines with you.

“The movie proved to be an incredible box office success, grossing over $100million. EVERYBODY was talking about it, reading the book, and seeing profound meanings to a simple story. The makers attributed the huge success in theaters to the embedded concept that the characters in the movie could disagree without being bitter. 

I grew up in the 1960’s. Political factions did not simply disagree; they went to war with anyone who did not share their viewpoints. Hyperbole was extolled from both sides, and as many of us listened to this cacophony, we grew tired of it. We were all ready for the message that people could disagree while still being loving, kind, and compassionate. 

It disheartens me to see our society moving back to bitter accusation as a means of opening a political discussion. There are no new ideas that have come to light in the past several months. The issues are not new; even the bitter, strident tones aren’t new.

Jesus put it this way: I am giving you a new command. You must love each other, just as I have loved you. (John 13:34)